Welcome to industrial.dk - this is a closed system
Contact information: industrial(at)industrial(dot)dk

To access your webmail, please follow this link: Webmail
Please enter you full email address (xyz@industrial.dk) and your password (same password as the POP3/IMAP password).
Due to some technical annoyance from the web provider, this will change to "https://webmail.industrial.dk" in the near future.

POP3 mail:
To setup your POP3 (recieving emails), please follow the link here.
Commonly port 110 are used.

IMAP mail:
To setup your IMAP (recieving emails), please follow the link here.
Commonly port 143 are used.

SMTP mail:
To setup your SMTP (sending emails), please note that it is your ISP that handles this.
Commonly port 25 are used, but port 587 are also valid in most cases.
This is a common list of SMTP servers in Denmark:
- 3: smtp.3.dk
- ComX: smtp.comxnet.dk
- Dansk Bredbånd: smtp.dbmail.dk - Fiberby: smtp.fiberbypost.dk
- Fullrate: smtp.fullrate.dk - SkyLine (ClearWire/Danske Telecom): mailrelay.skyline.dk
- TDC: asmtp.mail.dk (port 25 eller port 587)
- Telenor (CyberCity/Sonofon/Get2net): mail.telenor.dk - Telia: smtp.telia.dk
- StofaNet: mail1.stofanet.dk